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RIGOL DP832 LXI remote control with python

Interfacing the DP832 with LXI and python

RIGOL DP832 LXI remote control with python

LXI is a communication protocol for instrumentation. It allows various instruments to work together. Something like GPIB over Ethernet. LXI uses the VXI-11 interface.

Test connection

First find out what your IP is. Press Utility I/O Config LAN. You should see the IP now. Mine is

To test the connection from your computer type the IP address in a browser. You should see a web page.

Python test

To test the connectivity with python run the following program. It sends the *IDN? command.

If all is good you should see the reply:

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES,DP832,[Serial number],00.01.16

Useful LXI commands for the DP800 Series

These command are just to whet your appetite. For the full set of commands consult the DP800 Series Programming Guide.

Channel specific commands:

  • Set the voltage of CH1 to 10.512 V :SOURce1:VOLT 10.512
  • Read the output voltage of CH1 MEAS:VOLT? CH1
  • Read the voltage set-point of CH1 :SOUR1:VOLT?
  • Set the current of CH1 to :SOUR1:CURR 1.321
  • Read the output current of CH1 MEAS:CURR? CH1
  • Read the current set-point of CH1 :SOUR1:CURR?
  • Read the output power of CH1 MEAS:POWE? CH1
  • Turn CH1 on :OUTP CH1,ON
  • Turn CH1 off :OUTP CH1,OFF

System commands:

  • Turn system lock on :SYST:RWL ON
  • Turn system lock off :SYST:RWL OFF
  • Read the heat-sink temperature :SYSTem:SELF:TEST:TEMP?
  • Turn all chanels on :OUTP ALL,ON
  • Turn all chanels off :OUTP ALL,OFF

Python example

Now let's make the DP832 do something funny. The output is capture by a HP34970A (5.5 digits, ±100VDC, 1 PLC, every 100ms) and BenchLink Data Logger 3.

This is the output:

A very slow function generator...