April 23, 2020 Test Equipment, HP 35665A

HP 35665A keyboard

Connecting a keyboard to the HP 35665A

HP 35665A keyboard

A keyboard connected to the 35665A can be very useful especially if you plan to automate your measurements with HP Instrument BASIC. The 35665A uses the old 5-pin DIN connector keyboards. In the manuals there is an ominous warning for the terrible fate that awaits you if you connect a non-approved keyboard (C1405A #ABA for U.S. ASCII). So I decided to try my luck.

Long story short I found an old PS/2 Keyboard from our IT department (it always pays to have friends there). I connected it through an adapter and it just worked.

Now the problem was that the whole assembly protrudes to much. So I cut the cable and soldered it directly to a (shortened) plug. Here's how it looks now.